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I made a website for Stephanie Calvin who is a photographer from Germany who started her photography freelance business in the USA. 

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What I made 💁‍♂️

Stephanie Calvin's photography portfolio website showcases her stunning collection of photography works. The website is visually appealing with a simple and minimalist design that allows her photography to take center stage. In addition to showcasing her photography, it also includes a blog section where she shares her thoughts on the creative process behind her work, as well as tips and tricks for aspiring photographers.

What I used 🔷

  • 1. Nextjs/Javascript
    I used Next.js to build user interfaces in this web application.
  • 2. Redux
    I used Redux for state management.
  • 3.Contentful
    I used Contentful as Headless CMS.
  • 4. Bootstrap
    I used Bootstrap for responsive layouts, making the website accessible on all devices.
  • 5. Prisma/PostgreSQL
    Used to manage the users comments in a blog.
  • 6. Figma
    I used Figma to create interactive designs and prototypes for the client.

What I learned ✅

I learned how to make a website with the client and according to the clients wishes. I learned how to provide the most efficient and cost effecting web services in order to reduce client's cost. I prototyped designs on Figma for the client to approve before coding them and continuously hosted the website so the client can observe my progress.

Finally 😎

Building a portfolio website for a photographer was an amazing experience, and I am grateful for the opportunity to showcase their work in the best possible way. Working on the website allowed me to collaborate with the photographer, understand their vision, and create a website that perfectly represents their style and aesthetic. Seeing their reaction to the final product and how it positively impacted their business was truly rewarding. I am grateful for the trust they placed in me and the opportunity to use my skills to help their business grow.

Stephanie Calvin

Apr 5th, 2023


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