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This is my personal website, It encompasses all the passion I have for software development. It has information about me and my journey in the field of web development. I listed all the projects and works I've done up until now. Each one is unique and demonstrate the skills I've acquired working on them.  

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What I made 💁‍♂️

I've built this website in order to showcase all the work I've done. For the building of this website, I wanted to try new things, I've decided to lean towards Gatsby which is great with static websites. I had a lot of fun building it.

What I used 🔷

  • 1. Gatsby
    I used Gatsby to build user interfaces in this web application.
  • 2. SCSS/Styled-Components
    I mainly Styled-Components to design my personal website.
  • 3. GraphQL
    I used GraphQL to access and manipulate my data according to my needs.
  • 4. Contentful
    I used Contentful a headless CMS that allowed me to manage/store my content.
  • 5. Netlify
    I deployed the gatsby app on Netlify.

What I learned ✅

It was great building this website and try new things. I did learn how to use Gatsby, which offered smooth development experience with its features. I learned how to configure Gatsby with the plugins I got through documentation. I learned how to generate routes dynamically or through the file system route API using Contentful. I learned how to set up SEO following Gatsby docs, my website can be shared appropriately through twitter.

I learned how to use GraphQL with Gatsby Interface to manipulate my data: siteMetadata ,images, svgs, files and more. GraphQL helped write queries that get my data without over/under fetching.

I learned how to use Contentful with their free package to manage data and images for my website. I combined it with Gatsby and GraphQL which helped organize my code, It was a wonderful tool that I will reuse for my next projects.

About this production 🥳

Gatsby seemed like the perfect choice for my static website, It's super performant/fast and reduces some complexities like routing and image performance.

I've used Contentful which is headless CMS that allowed me to stores my images and most of the data related to the overview of my projects. GraphQL is used to communicate with Contentful and fetch the necessary data through queries.

I've used Figma to create/modify some images. For example, I've used it to add a frame with color gradients around project thumbnails. It was also used to animate the dashboard svg in the coding section of the homepage and implement the devices mockups images like below. The mockups are provided by Mockuuups Studio.

Finally 😎

This website is the culmination of all the work I've done , I enjoyed every second of it. It's a very fulfilling experience, my work is steadily improving. I will continue to build other projects and learn new things.

Personal Website

Apr 5th, 2023


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